Virtual Assistant

Job description

You’ll be part of of a fast-paced startup in Boston, whose ventures are aligned with web/app development, advertising, marketing, and accelerator projects. You’ll mainly be reporting to the Managing Director, who oversees operations and the Lead Developer, who maintains our network of websites. More details shall be given to you during the interview.

In a nutshell, your role will be that of an (a) assistant project manager (b) executive assistant, (b) writer, and (c) marketing manager. This position requires someone with absolute presence of mind, a keen eye for detail, supervising experience, and an affinity to get things in order at the end of the day using excellent follow-through skills. We require a self-motivated individual, able to navigate the ambiguity of a fast-paced startup environment who does not hesitate to work on weekends if need be.

Key responsibilities

  • Become closely tied and familiar with that tasks of the Director to identify new ways to add value & proactively take on new tasks to help the Managing Director and team members be more productive
  • Managing the Director’s calendar, subscriptions, and keeping him posted on new events without flooding his inbox (i.e. summarizing multiple emails into a single one)
  • Preparing agendas and dissemination of information before, during, and after conference calls and meetings. This also involves transcription and follow-through with attendees of said meetings
  • Establishing a liaison relationship between us and our contacts, clients, advertisers and vendors either by outbound calls or email
  • Managing various marketing and social media accounts and data with guidance from other team members
  • Proactively updating all team members of their current log, as well as reporting to the Managing Director of any requests from the team
  • Maintaining quality and security control on all projects
  • Writing content for newsletters, managing email campaigns and following-up with leads
  • Researching and writing timely content for our blogs and updating inaccurate content. Experience with WordPress and/or other popular CMSs is a plus
  • Updating the company wiki with instructional material and compliance guidelines
  • Responding to ad hoc requests from all members of the team (including freelancers), while respecting input of other team members



  • An always-on high-speed DSL (or fiber optic) internet connection
  • Typing speeds of at least 80 WPM
  • A quiet work environment of your choice
  • A Windows 7/8/8.1 machine with essential software, Mac, or Linux equivalent
  • At least a dual-core desktop computer with a discrete graphics card for multitasking and visual editing
  • Basic understanding of computer troubleshooting and backups (i.e. if your computer fails, you need to know how to repair/reformat it, keeping backups of essential files)


Additional Qualifications

A friendly attitude is required with our team members – it works well for everyone.

  • Excellent communication, project management, and information dissemination skills are baseline
  • Knowledge of how internet businesses work, particularly startups (contacts and/or previous work in our industry of web tech is a plus)
  • Extensive experience using Google software (e.g. Gmail, Drive, Calendar) and other cloud software
  • Extensive experience using MS Office software and online communication tools (e.g. Skype)
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Above average fluency in English (both written and verbal) with ability to write perfectly when purposed (for clients, etc.)
  • At least three (3) years of relevant experience working for a medium to high-profile company in the web technology industry
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, English, Journalism/New Media, or related field
  • Intermediate experience using Adobe software (e.g. Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.) a plus
  • Intermediate experience with Project Management software (e.g. BaseCamp, JIRA, TeamWorkPM). Experience with SCRUM and/or AGILE methodology is a plus
  • Understanding of basic web protocols such as FTP, VPNs, and network mapping a plus
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