Senior Web Developer


If you are excited by the opportunity to build software that reaches millions of people, this may be right for you.

Hyperlink Web international, a Boston startup, is actively seeking a full-time web developer who possesses significant experience working on mid- to large-scale web applications that capitalize on open-source technologies.

The successful applicant will work closely with the Project Director to create new products and manage/optimize existing websites.

Apart from technical skills, the applicant is expected to have an excellent command of the English language, and the ability to code autonomously.

The below is a list of ideal skills that you would have when applying. Not having deep experience in all of these areas is fine. However, a desire to learn new skills and grow your career by working together with our team is essential.

Required Skills

  1. Highly familiar with front-end programming in HTML5 and CSS 3.0
  2. Paypal, Google, Facebook and Paypal APIs: You should be familiar with the server- and client-side SDKs of these common web services. We use these for payment processing, analytics, and user authentication.
  3. WordPress: A majority of our websites are powered by WP, meaning you will design themes, author plugins, and set up certain endpoints (REST, XML-RPC).
  4. jQuery/Prototype/Pure JavaScript: You should be very comfortable using native JavaScript and creating reusable jQuery plugins from scratch.
  5. PHPDoc/JavaDoc: Just as important as writing code is letting other developers know how your classes and methods work.
  6. PHPUnit / JUnit / Selenium: Apart from clean code, you should make production-grade, brute-tested code before shipping it to the team.
  7. Performance tuning: Given our rather large user base, you are expected to be familiar with at least one caching service (e.g. basic object/file caching libraries, Redis, Memcached).
  8. REST/XML services: You should be able to create endpoints to our web services so they can be accessed by apps and extensions.
  9. GIT: Above average proficiency collaborating code with teams, setting up hooks, and introducing workflows that improve efficiency.
  10. JIRA / Redmine / Basecamp: Experience with at least one of these project collaboration platforms.
  11. Linux: BASH savvy is important, as a lot of deployment and debugging work involves working with virtual private server terminals.
  12. MySQL or MariaDB: You will architect, optimize, and reengineer database schemas. A degree of fluency with advanced functions is preferred.
  13. Attention to detail: Telling us about spelling or grammar errors in this job post is welcome an the interview.


Desired skills

  1. Java J2EE 7 & Spring Framework: Our flagship project runs on the Spring Framework, meaning we’ll devote a lot more time on it than other projects. You should also be comfortable deploying and configuring Tomcat / Glassfish / Jetty containers.
  2. Jenkins: Knowing GIT is half the story. Strong knowledge of continuous integration is highly preferred.
  3. Drupal: We will start using Drupal on a large scale very soon, and experience in developing themes and extending community modules certainly piques our interest.
  4. Other JavaScript libraries/frameworks/compilers: node.js, CoffeeScript, Dojo, Knockout, AngularJS, Mootools.
  5. Chrome extensions/GreaseMonkey scripting.
  6. PostgreSQL: Not as important as MySQL at this point, but considered an added advantage.
  7. PHP MVC frameworks
    1. Symfony2: A Symfony certificate is deemed the highest qualification, but if you have a suite of repositories or production websites powered by Symfony, feel free to brandish.
    2. Laravel: Just as relevant as Symfony2 (if you already know it).
    3. CodeIgniter: Some of our current projects use CodeIgniter. We do not actively use CI anymore, but experience in its considered an advantage.
  8. UX
    1. LESS/SASS: A definite advantage is if you can recompile and extend Bootstrap / Foundation themes using tools like Node.JS and/or Ruby.
    2. Adobe Photoshop: For asset creation and photo manipulation.
    3. Adobe Fireworks: For prototyping projects and creating GIF/PNG assets.
    4. AngularJS: For creating fluid back-ends. This goes hand-in-hand with Symfony. Not required but a major plus.
  9. SEO
    1. / Microformats: We prefer a developer who understands the value of the semantic web.
    2. W3C-compliant code: Syntactically correct HTML5-compliant code is the foundation of better search results.
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